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Published By: John on 05/17/09

Ruth and I have begun word on a paper on the history of city planning in Yokohama, to be delivered at the July 2-5 SEAA meeting in Taipei. On a recent visit to the Yokohama Archives the librarian kindly said, “This is the book you need.”  image

When this book was published in 1981, then Mayor Saigo Michikazu wrote,“Yokohama took its first step into history in 1859, the year that the port was opened. In the 120 years since, Yokohama has grown into today’s port city, with both industrial and commercial and residential functions and a population of 2.8 million people. It cannot be denied, however, that as it grew from a fishing village to a great port, Yokohama was lacking in roads, sewers, parks and other urban infrastructure. As we look ahead to the 21st century, this book looks back on the planning that has been done to equip Yokohama with facilities and an environment befitting a great city.”


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