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Target Insight '09-'10 Fashion Types

Published By: John on 01/05/10

Fashion-conscious people have long believed that you are what you wear. But, according to Ito-Chu Fashion Systems, the use of fashion to say “This is who I am” has become more pronounced since the 1990s. This trend is especially noticeable in women who belong to the purikura “print club” generation born between 1977 and 1986. The company’s trend analysis identifies three distinct types, divided on two dimensions: casual/elegant and sexy/anti-sexy. The elegant type (43%) is elegant and sexy. The gal type (12%) is casual and sexy. The multi-mix type (25%) is casual and anti-sexy. There is no type that is both elegant and anti-sexy.image

The elegant type wants to be seen as having a cute smile and a soothing presence. For her partner she wants a man acceptable to everyone. In marriage she looks for security and stability. Stability and social contacts are what she looks for in a job. She is a careful shopper, who likes the safe feeling that big-name brands provide. Her cell phone is pink or pearl white, her favorite interiors simple and natural, with wooden furniture displaying the natural grain of the wood.

The gal type wants to be seen as bold and stylish. She wants a man with whom she can have fun. She wants a gorgeous wedding and work that offers a chance to get rich. She is an impulse shopper, who likes new, trendy items. Her cell phone is black or gold, her favorite interiors are like those found at upscale summer resorts.

The multi-mix type wants to be seen as individual with a distinctive sense of style.  She wants a man who shares her values, a marriage in which man and wife are well-matched. She wants a job that suits her. Her shopping is guided by her style; she is particular about details. Her cell phone is bright red or blue; her favorite interiors recall cafes with specially designed furniture.

The three types see “Eco,” environment-friendly products from different perspectives. The elegant type likes environment-friendly cosmetics, eco-bags, things both stylish and ecological. The gal type likes “Wow! Looks great!” She is, perhaps unexpectedly, the most likely to participate in events and happenings with ecological themes. The multi-mix type wants ecology her way. She finds it in having a small garden, handmade soap, that sort of thing.


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