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Published By: John on 07/16/07

The July 15 issue of Senden Kaigi features a special section on advertising that stimulates its audience’s desire to “See, Know, Study.” Education has always been a big business in Japan, but the combination of retiring Baby Boomers starting new lives and mothers worried about their children’s future in today’s less-forgiving economy are driving a boom in products that claim to inhance intellectual performance.

The introduction to the special section reads,

TV programs with educational themes have debuted. Sales of new books are increasing. Interest in consumer desire to learn is rising. Numerous examples of corporations aiming to stimulate consumer desire to learn as part of their philanthropic or sales promotion activities have appeared. Building on business experience, they use interactive communication to present themselves as experts offering their latest know-how for consumer study and education. Here we use several case studies to explore the potential of educational contents in advertising and marketing activities.

The first report sets the scene,

New books are booming. Braintwister games are selling well. The increase in the Japanese’ desire to learn is striking. In Dentsu’s April 2007 “How Consumers Really Feel” survey, 50.8% of consumers don’t hold back when it comes to spending on education and culture. This figure has been above 50% since last August, while the proportion of those cutting back on educational expenses has been falling. With spending on education up, corporations are paying closer attention to consumer desire to learn as they plan their corporate communications.


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